Apr. 11th, 2011

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Guess what, the lunacy continues! Yes, the second installment of The Selphie Letters is here. Again, this series chronicles the far-fetched journey of our young FFVIII couple. It’s the story of love, romance, and randomly interchangeable fandom worlds. Find out where the action figures are headed next! Again, these particular pictures were taken years ago by Wayward Tempest and I… be warned.  Also, please do not consider this my ability to write dramatic pieces, I just love taking a break to do something beyond my normal scope. Plus, you know, play with action figures!
The Selphie Letters: Rinoa’s Big News
Dear Selphie,
OMG! I have sooo much to tell you. Wait, did I actually just write out OMG, is that weird? I’m not sure… Anyway, OMG you will so totally not believe it. I mean really, really not believe it! First, I have to tell you about what happened on Squall’s cooking show. Remember last week I told you that Cloud Strife was going to be a guest on Kitchen Call, with Chef Squall? Yeah, I’m not sure how the station manager made it happen. Somebody must be sleeping with somebody somewhere, but again, sooo not the point. 
Anyway Squall couldn’t get to bed the night before, you would swear he was like an eager kid waiting to open birthday presents morning. I was about to whack him in the head with a Dragon Fin. Seriously, dear Shiva on a stick, why did we ever buy a waterbed!? Every time he tosses or turns it’s like a typhoon or, well, you know, a really monstrous squall.
Sorry bad, bad pun. I’ll behave.
After what seemed like a millennia, I finally knocked him out with a damn Sleep Spell. I mean… there is only so much a sorceress can take. No wonder Ultimecia was pissed, her knight must have bought a damn waterbed on their anniversary. And that is the real reason she no longer had a knight!
Okay, back to my story. We get to the studio and there is this omniscient glow as Cloud makes his way over the steely horizon, oceans part, birds sing in glorious harmony, and peace is restored throughout the universe. NOT.
So there I am looking down at Mr. Strife. No, not because I think I’m better than him by any means, I mean literally looking down on him. HE IS SO SHORT. I’m sorry, that’s not correct anymore…he is vertically challenged, even more so than you Selphie! So the show is about to start and the guy can’t even reach the stove! Well my boyfriend, in all his infinite SeeD wisdom says, “Hey, grab that pot hanging on the wall.” So quickly before going on air, we make Cloud stand on a pot to reach the stove.
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This was originally written many years ago, back in 2001. I’m trying to add a few items to this journal; so I’m moving some of my short stories and one-shots to here. My writing style has changed greatly over the years. This was originally in the "Honor Among Us" series but now is posted under the Eternal Tiet account.

Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Characters: Rinoa/Squall and Odin
Pairing: Rinoa and Squall
Words: 2389
Rating: K+ Drama/Romance

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