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I'm not really sure if this is necessary, but I was bored. ;)

As a general rule, I linked first, although most completed stories also can be found at AO3. Some of the more embarrassing humor can only be found on Live Journal as well as the out takes from "Somewhere in Between." Also, I ask anyone who sees my work at another site (not listed here) in any langauge to please drop me a line. In the past, I've given permission for my stories to be translated into several language and I've lost track of the bookmarks over the years.

Main Accounts (English):

Ashbear @ - my main account with Rinoa & Squall-centric stories.
Eternal Tiet @ - secondary account with one-shots - multi-fandom.
Ashbear and Wayward @ - co-authored story "Somewhere in Between."
Ashbear @ Archive of Our Own - finished stories and ones no longer allowed at ffnet.

Final Fantasy VIII
(multi-chaptered / epic stories)

Castles in the Sky - Romance/Drama T [Rinoa & Squall] 73,617 words - complete
Crimson Lies - Drama/Romance M [Rinoa & Squall/Quistis & Seifer] 180,362 - complete
Dancing in Time - Romance/Drama T [Rinoa & Squall] 154,556 words - complete
Endless Waltz - Romance M [Rinoa & Squall]  continuation of Dancing  86k  - in progress
After the Fall - Romance/Drama/Angst M [Rinoa & Squall] 309k  - in progress
Somewhere in Between - Romance/Angst M [Rinoa & Squall] w/Wayward 170k  in progress

Final Fantasy VIII
(shorter stories & one-shots, completed)

House of Cards - Drama/Suspense T [Nida] one-shot, 3558 words
Rebirth - Drama  [Quistis and Phoenix] one-shot, friendship/mentor, 1652 words
To Honor Odin - Drama/Romance K [Rinoa & Squall] one-shot, mentor/Odin, 2576 words
Hot Dogs and Desert Sands - Humor [Zell and Cerberus] friends/mentor, 4220 words
A Very Carbuncle Christmas - Humor/Romance T [Rinoa & Squall] 5 chpts - 21,772 words
Knight of Sunset - Drama/Romance T [Quistis & Seifer] 3 chapters - 5719 words
Place in the World - Romance/Angst T [Rinoa & Squall] 2 chapters, 5082 words
First Contact - Humor T [Quistis & Seifer] one-shot, 1061 words
Cactuar - Drama/Angst K [Jumbo Cactuar] one-shot, 985 words
Things that Make you Go Hmmm - Humor T [All] 4 chapters, 6287 words 
Balamb Garden Network v3.0 - Humor T [all]  w/Wayward Tempest, 2 chpts, 3432 words

Live Journal stories and discussion:

Letters to Selphie Series - [Rinoa and Squall] K
Squall's New Job - 1st - Letter with 'photos' of Squall getting his own cookshow. 773 words
Rinoa's Big News - 2nd - Cloud guest stars, Rinoa shares important news. 1045 words

Somewhere in Between Outtakes - K - They're fun. They're embarrassing. 1086 words
After the Fall - Discussion about the story and PTSD. For reference and comments.

Other Miscellaneous Fandoms:

Lost Odyssey
By the Light of the Fireflies - Humor/Drama T [All main characters] one-shot, 1594 words 
Stillness - Drama T [Kaim] One-shot, 851 words

Final Fantasy VII 
The Act  - Friendship/drama [Cloud & Aerith] one-shot, 487 words

Final Fantasy X
Immovable - Drama T [?] one-shot, 547 words

A Lesson Learned in Time - General K account, 505 words.

Translations and Fansites:

Somewhere in Between in French - translation by ChrisVIII, in progress, 17 chapters
First Contact in Spanish - translation by Kaiser-kun 
EFP Fanfiction site - Italian - Largest Italian archive. 5 stories currently. - Italian - Smaller archive, again 5 stories currently.
Wide Awake - Italian - Alessia Heartilly's personal website.
Fan Translation - Italian - Site which contains only translations.

Writing of Love is a fanlisting created by Alessia Heartilly in both Italian and English.
Fanverse interview in Italian for Fan Translation also by Alessia. ;)
Other sites where my work is archived:

Most of the links here are from times past; when dinosaurs ruled the earth...and geo-sites ruled free web-hosting. These actually might have the old song lyrics/quotes in there before ffnet put its foot down.  :(

Icybrian's:  Fairly complete archive of all my work, although no longer updated regularly. 
GIA Mirror site: Found my "Cactuar" story on the old Gaming Intelligence. Ah, memories.
RPGamer: 6 stories still posted here, although they stopped accepting fanfiction years ago.
Ashbear on Dreamwidth Don't use it often, but listing it in case it changes in the future.
ashes_and_wings on Live Journal. Again, listing this here for any future cross-posting.
rpgclassics - I met great people on there and the forum. Glad to have been a part of it.
rpgfan - Again another one from the 'olden days' when geosites ran the earth. ;)

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