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I'm not really sure if this is necessary, but I was bored. ;)

As a general rule, I linked first, although most completed stories also can be found at AO3. Some of the more embarrassing humor can only be found on Live Journal as well as the out takes from "Somewhere in Between." Also, I ask anyone who sees my work at another site (not listed here) in any langauge to please drop me a line. In the past, I've given permission for my stories to be translated into several language and I've lost track of the bookmarks over the years.

Main Accounts (English):

Ashbear @ - my main account with Rinoa & Squall-centric stories.
Eternal Tiet @ - secondary account with one-shots - multi-fandom.
Ashbear and Wayward @ - co-authored story "Somewhere in Between."
Ashbear @ Archive of Our Own - finished stories and ones no longer allowed at ffnet.

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This was originally written many years ago, back in 2001. I’m trying to add a few items to this journal; so I’m moving some of my short stories and one-shots to here. My writing style has changed greatly over the years. This was originally in the "Honor Among Us" series but now is posted under the Eternal Tiet account.

Fandom: Final Fantasy VIII
Characters: Rinoa/Squall and Odin
Pairing: Rinoa and Squall
Words: 2389
Rating: K+ Drama/Romance

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