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August 2012. Total challenge submissions: 127

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(This is going to be a mirror of the Master List in case LJ goes down. Right now, it's just a place holder)

Here is the master list of all submissions for the challenge. 

Links will be posted by category, and then listed by author, title, rating, and where the submission is posted. I have an example under Fanfiction - Stories right now, and will take that down and update it once we start receiving submissions.

Until the challenge is complete - go to the Live Journal one -
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Hello everyone! I didn't realize how long I've been away.That hopefully makes this announcement even more memorable. ~_^ 

This August, to celebrate Squall's birthday, we have decided to make his present one that's difficult for even him to return -a month-long Rinoa and Squall fandom challenge! (He truly is impossible to buy for... it tends to go badly for all parties involved.) Over the last decade many authors, artists, and even readers have drifted away from the fandom - it's only natural - people change, fandoms change, and things that you may have enjoyed in your free time might no longer be a priority.

Here's where the challenge starts! It's is not about bringing people back to the fandom to stay; this is simply about encouraging everyone to return to the roots of something we all enjoyed. It is also important to help the new  authors/artists gain the confidence to post/draw/etc. We all had to start somewhere and for a lot of us it was in Final Fantasy VIII's little corner of the 'net. 

Why Rinoa and Squall? Well, at one point, we were a close-knit group. Another reason? Romance was one of the most important aspects to FFVIII's designers - it remained a key, pivitol aspect through the entire game and to the franchise.  To be clear - this challenge is about the relationship between Rinoa and Squall in a positive light. Yes, we easily can say that there were holes in the story, but that's what fan-created works do - give one a chance to explore.

We understand that everyone's tastes differ and there maybe interest in exploring other characters in the future. But for now, the "Where I Belong" challenge is designed with a single ideal - to explore the canon romance. We'll need help in spreading the word for the upcoming challenge. 

Though you may think of this as a family or class reunion of sorts, we encourage everyone to take part.  It doesn't matter if it's your first story/piece of art or your hundred and first - you are part of the challenge!

All that 'fine print' type stuff... woo hoo! )

Also current helpful links - (will be filling when possible) 

Ashbear at Facebook
Emerald-Latias on Tumblr
Partner site - Final Fantasy VIII-II Tertius Veneficus Bellum
Dreamwith - Ashbear
Archive of Our Own (A03) Collection
FFNet "Where I Belong" - Community Forum
FFNet "Where I Belong" - C2

Additional info will be added  as-needed - Think of this as a Squall/Rinoa-centric challenge month - something akin to a *very* mini NaNoWriMo or a Big Bang but has all-inclusive media. ;) 

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